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About Us

The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd is the brainchild of William Townshend, a lifelong wargamer and military history enthusiast.

Frustrated by the limitations of soft polythene gaming figures that one frequently finds in toyshops, which are usually both difficult to paint and which suffer from a surfeit of poses that are of little use to the average wargamer, Will saw the potential for creating a range of high-quality miniatures using modern hard plastics. This means that he can help wargamers wanting to build their armies rapidly and at the best possible value for money.

At the same time, it was important to Will that his products are of a standard that will satisfy the demands of the modeller and diorama builder, with their particular demands for accurate period detail in both uniforms and weaponry.

You can expect to see many more periods and scales being added to this exciting range: keep an eye on the gaming press for details. If you have any requests or suggestions, please get in touch!

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