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Coming soon

Updated 8th February 2014

Forthcoming Releases

  • 15mm Panzer III J,L,M,N
  • 1/72nd Panzer III J,L,M,N
  • 15mm Panzer 38T and Marders
  • 1/72nd Panzer 38T and Marders
  • 15mm Early War German Infantry 1939-42
  • 1/72nd German stowage and accessories
  • 1/72nd Pak 40 with Raupenschlepper Ost
  • 15mm German medium trucks
  • 1/72nd German medium trucks


In the Pipeline

  • 1/72nd German SdKfz 251/Ausf C Halftrack
  • 15mm German stowage and accessories
  • 15mm KV 1/2/S/85
  • 15mm German panzergrenadiers
  • 15mm Stuart M3
  • 1/72nd Stuart M3
  • 15mm Late War British Heavy Weapons
  • 15mm SU76
  • 15mm Russian 122mm howitzer
  • 15mm Pak 40 with Raupenschlepper Ost
  • 15mm Universal Carriers
  • 15mm 250 Halftrack
  • 1/72nd 250 Halftrack
  • 1/72nd Universal Carrier Conversion Kit
  • 15mm 6 pdr with Lloyd carrier tow
  • 1/72nd 17 pdr with M5 Halftrack tow
  • 15mm 88mm and tractor


We have some very exciting plans for the near future, so keep an eye on this website and the gaming press.

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