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** UPDATE 11th MAY 2017 **

News from PSC HQ:-

New 20mm Sarissa mdf building kits!
We asked our mates at Sarissa to come up with some nice North African 20mm buildings to go with the release of oour new Battlegroup Tobruk campaign supplement and wow they did not disppoint! Instead of the usual simple adobe blocks that seem to abound they have created some beautiful French colonial style buildings which can serve all the way to Tunisia in '43. The first 4 kits - 2 storey house and compound with house plus destroyed versions of both - are on sale now. We will be rolling the whole range out over the next couple of months or so, culminating in an awesome complete Fort Capuzzo kit - happy days

6 new Western Desert themed 15mm and 1/72nd decal packs!

Ideal for building forces for Battlegroup Tobruk and, ahem, other Desert WW2 games: 15mm and 1/72nd 15th Panzer and 21st Panzer with the usual unit themed packs of 4 sheets with divisional insignia, balkencreuz, DAK palm markings and a variety of red with white outline turret numbers (triple digits for 21st Panzer and single for 15th Panzer). Also Wolfsengel 5th Panzer Regiment emblem. Plus 15mm and 1/72nd DAK Air Recognition packs - 2 sheets of 3 types oversize balkencreuz and 3 sizes of flags 


New 28mm Rubicon kits just arrived! Sherman M4A3/M4A3E8 (also available as a 3 box bundle deal), SdKfz 250/7 251/2 Mortar expansion, 250/8 and 251/9 Stummel expansion and 250/11 251/7 sPzB 41 expansion


New PSC 1/72nd German SdKfz 231 8 rad Armoured Car!
Each sprue also contains options to build 232 radio, 263 command and 233 Stummel versions plus crew figures

3 models in a box

Due for release this Friday 7th April but order now In the webstore to be amongst the first to get this exciting kit


New PSC 15mm plastic British Universal Carrier!
Each sprue includes options to build 2 inch mortar, 3 inch mortar, Vickers. 50 cal, AOP and 2 Wasp flamethrower options plus 11 crew figures

This kit contains NINE models for an amazing value £17.50!
Due for release this friday 31st March 2017, but order now to be among the first to get your hands on this eagerly anticipated kit


First 20mm packs in the new PSC Metals range to be released this Friday 24th March! Some big boxes of Akrika Korps loveliness sat in our warehouse waiting for the new Blister cards to arrive from the printers. 4 packs available: rifle section (6 riflemen and an NCO with an MP40) in helmets or caps and an LMG team (3 man MG34 team, prone firing and moving) again in helmets or caps. You can also take advantage of the great value platoon bundle deal of 3 rifle sections and 3 LMG teams in a mix of helmets and caps



New Sarissa 20mm mdf buildings!
Destroyed Large Factory, Terrace House, Destroyed Terrace House. End of Terrace Cafe and Bombed out House


We are delighted to announce the second Battlegroup Campaign weekend at the Battlegroup South Wargames Show, Bovington Tank museum 1st and 2nd July. Following on from the success of last year’s Overlord event and freshly inspired by the recent Fall of the Reich gaming weekend in Daventry, we have decided to run a Tobruk, Western Desert 1941 themed event at this year’s show.

This is not a Tournament for those seeking individual glory, but will instead be fought between an Axis “team” and an Allied “team” of players, with individual results contributing to the overall success or failure of your “team.” Each player will play three games over the course of the weekend, (2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday).

10 Axis and 10 Allied tickets up for grabs, although 4 have already been put aside for Will, Warwick, Piers and Tim - fancy your luck against the game designer himself and the PSC boys?! £15 a ticket, includes your 2 day entry to the show




New Battlegroup Tobruk Campaign Supplement!

The book covers the early North Africa campaign, from the Italian invasion of Egypt, through the long siege of Tobruk, to Operation Crusader and the Afrika Korps' counterstroke that would bring them to the Gazala Line in early 1942. Also includes the invasion of Crete and the Italian campaign in East Africa.
The book is at the printers and we are expecting it at the start of April but you can pre-order now to get it 2-3 weeks before official release and receive a free 1/72nd Panzer III G,H sprue. PLUS every pre-order will be entered to a prize draw to win:-

1st Prize: £100 worth of your choice of Plastic Soldier Company kits
2nd Prize: £50 worth of your choice of Plastic Soldier Company kits
2 x 3rd Prize: £20 worth of your choice of Plastic Soldier Company kits


New PSC 15mm plastic British Stuart I Honey light tank up for preorder!
5 models in a box
Each sprue contains British and US tank commander figures and has options to build an M3 Stuart suitable for the US Army in the Pacific, Tunisia and Italy

**Provisonal release April 2017 (straight after the T55s - we already have a lot of design work banked from our Stuart M5A1 kit), but preorder now to take advantage of the pre-order discount, be entered into a prize draw to win a platoon of five painted Honeys, painted by the fair hand of our other , award-winning brushman Piers Brand, and of course to be among the first to get this sought after plastic loveliness!**


15mm modern Soviet T55 plastic kit availabe to pre-order!
5 model tanks in the box. Options to build T55, T55A or T55AM

**Due for release 22nd April 2017, but preorder now to take advantage of the pre-order discount, be entered into a prize draw to win a platoon of five painted T55s (your choice of army and paint scheme), painted by the fair hand of our very own, award-winning Tim Harris, and of course to be among the first to get this sought after plastic loveliness!**

check out Tim's brushwork on our Facebook page:-  

 Best wishes
Will Townshend

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