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** UPDATE 20th April 2015 **

News from PSC HQ:-

3 new PSC kits, 5 new Rubicon kits and Battlegroup Blitzkrieg to be released at Salute 25th April!:-

15mm WW2 German SdKfz 250 "alte" Halftrack with Variants Kit. This kit contains 5 x 250 Halftrack and 40 crew figures. Each sprue has options to build either: 250/7 Mortar Carrier, 250/1 Troop carrier, 250/9 Recce with Hangelfette turret, 250/10 Command with Pak 36 and 250/11 Panzerbuchse 41

15mm German Grenadiers in Normandy 1944. Company sized 15mm German Grenadiers in Normandy 1944 box set. Contains: 141 figures, including 3 x panzerschreck teams and panzerfausts. All you need to build a 3 platoon company (including company HQ).

15mm Early War German Heavy Weapons: 4 x tripod MG34 and crews, 4 x 81mm mortar and crews, 4 x Pak 36 anti tank gun and crews, 4 x 75mm Infantry guns and crews, and 4 x man pack flamethrowers

New Rubicon 28mm plastic vehicle kits: Stug IIIG, SdKfz 251/D, Sdkfz 251/D 3 in 1 (Engineer, Pak36 and ambulance options), SdKfz 251/D Stuka and Fuss and T34/85. Available singly or in good value 3 box deals. Furthermore, we are extending the 10% discount to all existing Rubicon products, including the 3 box deals giving them a great 20% saving (not the 6 box mega deal).

PLUS we have just had a big S Model, Vallejo paint set and Zvezda restock

Best wishes

Will Townshend

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