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** UPDATE 17th October 2014 **

News from PSC HQ:-

New 1/72nd German stowage and tank commander figures released and shipping! £12.95 for a load of early, mid and late war tank commanders and vehicle drivers and passengers and a large variety of stowage items. 15mm 6 pdr anti tank gun and Loyd carrier kit will be released friday 24th October but can be pre-ordered. 15mm German stowage and tank commanders will be released friday 30th October.

We are delighted to announce that Plastic Soldier Company will be distibuting the excellent new range of Rubicon Models 28mm plastic WW2 tanks. The first seven releases: Panzer IV (F2,G,H), Panzer III (J,M,N), Sherman M4A3 (75mm, 76mm, 105mm gun options), T34/76 (Model 1940,41 or 42), Panther D/A, Panther G and Tiger IE (early, mid and late). Our first shipment is due to arrive mid November but they are available to preorder.

We have a sizeable order arriving from China but demand is expected to be huge so get your preorders in asap to make sure you get your order before Christmas. The next restock order will not be until January!

Prices range from £18 to £23 per kit and you can take advantage of 3 box platoon deals saving 10%, 3 mixed box bundle deal for around 10% saving or  6 mixed box mega bundle deal for around 15% saving. The mixed box bundles do not include the Tiger IE

These are great, easy assembly gamers kits with lots of options in each kit. We are really pleased to be distributing Rubicon Models!

Retailers - please email me at Existing retail trade customers will be getting a full information email next week.

15mm and 38T and Marder options is planned for release mid November.

Best wishes

Will Townshend

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