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** UPDATE 18th July 2014 **

News from PSC HQ:-

** STOP PRESS !!** New 1/72nd First to Fight French Renault FT17 light tank has arrived from Poland and is now available in the webstore, £7.99 or a 3 tank deal for £19. Arguably the world's first modern tank; used by the French and Americans in 1917/18 and by Poland and France in WW2. Over 600 were pressed into German service, mainly for airfield defence, training, anti partisan duties and general occupation duties.

Due to popular demand, we have now made the new PSC 15mm T34 and Panzer one piece track options avaliable as single or multipack (5) upgrades for those you already have those kits and just want the one piece track options.

New PSC 15mm T34 and Panzer one piece track options. We are delighted to announce the re-release of these 2 15mm kits. Exactly the same kit as before but the kits now contain additional one piece track option sprues for those that prefer a quicker build but with slightly less track detail. Those who prefer the original detailed 3 piece track and wheel option can still build this way. Choice is good!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new monthly painting competition. Every month we invite you to send us photos of Plastic Soldier Company model vehicles or figures - any scale. The winner will receive a Plastic Soldier Company box of their choice. In addition, at the end of the year the 12 monthly winners will be judged again to find the grand champion for that year and will earn themselves a £100 PSC voucher. A little word to the wise - we are particularly fond of little based dioramas! We will be creating a Roll of Honour section on the website where the monthly winners' work will be proudly displayed. Please email your photos to me at The first winner will be announced at the end of July. Please note employees of Plastic Soldier Company Ltd or affiliated companies are excluded (that means you, Mr Brand!).

The design team are also well advanced into the 15mm and 1/72nd Panzer 38T and Marder options, 15mm Early War German Infantry (new style like the 15mm British Infantry) and a 1/72nd and 15mm German stowage and accessories kit. The stowage set will be the first of a series of comprehensive stowage and accessory sets to customise your vehicles containing a whole range of crates, ammo and ration boxes, fuel cans, weapons, tank parts, personal equipment and some new tank commander and vehicle passenger figures. We aim to produce German, British, Soviet and US sets in both 1/72nd and 15mm scales.

We are now offering the entire Minairons range of Spanish Civil War and early WW2 kits in 15mm, 1/72nd and 28mm. Look out for 2 particularly useful 1/72nd kits due May/June - German Henschel truck and FT17 tank.

We are now offering a more complete Zvezda range to complement our PSC range - 1/72d 88mm Flak 36/37, 2cm Flak 38, Pak 36 37mm anti tank gun, LeFH 105mm howitzer, 75mm infantry gun, R12 motorcycle combination (and a cool, great value 11 motorcycle combination Kradschutzen platoon deal!); Russian IS2 tank, 76mm infantry gun, 122mm howitzer, 85mm anti aircraft gun; plus British Bofors gun.

Best wishes

Will Townshend

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